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Recorded in a bedroom in 2006, Sanguine features 13 looped compositions that formed the basis of Julianna Barwick’s sound. The vinyl LP version features deluxe packaging with gold foil stamping.
"Sanguine is more stripped down and simplistic than her later work, and endearingly so. Working with a loop pedal and a spontaneous instinct she layers her glossolalic coos, murmurs and sighs into harmonised chorales inspired by a love of boys choirs and deeply reminiscent of the finest moments from Cocteau Twins, Björk, Grouper, Panda Bear or How To Dress Well, conducting herself with an effortless, haunting grace and enigmatic presence which is truly magical to behold. It's hugely recommended."  -  Boomkat
"A magical and otherworldly recording" - Norman Records

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